Gyoza Bar London



yoza Bar has just opened next door to successful Japanese restaurant, Murukami in Covent Garden, and if it proves anything like as popular as Murukami then it is set to be a firm favourite.


ou have small dishes featuring – no drum roll needed – Gyoza, Ramen, Bao Buns and an assortment of small plates. Only local organic food is used and the Ramen and Gyoza are all made on site using original Japanese equipment and all made to a traditional recipe.


or those new to Japanese cooking Gyoza are small dumplings packed with a choice of meats, salmon or vegetables and all featuring a delicious array of chilli oil, garlic vinegar and usami soy to name a few. You can choose either to have them deep fried, pan fried or steamed or why not all three? Or you can choose from seven delicious Ramen noodle soups which you can mix up with super tasty side plates from crispy tofu with teriyaki sauce, spring onion and chilli to deep fried salmon katsu on skewers served with wasabi mayo. And let’s not forget the Bao Bun’s which are fun and super tasty.


f you want to see the Gyoza chefs in action then just book yourself a ringside seat at the restaurant as all the food is prepared and made right in front of you in a wonderful open plan kitchen that can even be seen from the street.
Gyoza is a perfect place if you want to grab a quick bite but don’t want to compromise on quality or break the bank.